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Technology is advancing rapidly across the globe. Automated systems are making our lives easier, digital communities are keeping the post-pandemic loneliness at bay and artificial intelligence is becoming a trusted friend. The pioneers of this shift – founders – are leading the charge in building new global economies.

But this change isn’t consistent everywhere. 

Observer or innovator?

Some nations are in the driver’s seat. From the mega campuses of Silicon Valley, tech powerhouses churn out a supersized amount of IP every day. In the heart of the Middle East, Israel has embraced innovation from necessity – and is confidently thriving.

Elsewhere, some nations are open to change, but aren’t a significant enough catalyst for it. Here’s looking at you, Australia. 

Identity crisis

While we aren’t lacking in fresh-thinking innovators, and new tech companies continue to emerge, the backbone of our economy remains rather…well…rocky. 

We are a developed nation, quick at adopting trends. We’re well-educated and modernised. Our young people are brimming with ideas, energy and entrepreneurial spirit. We have the talent and the financial resources to put ourselves on the map. 

But we are so often the observers of global innovation, rather than the pioneers. And despite our infatuation with new-age thinking, we still marry our economy with resources, and exports…not so much with technology and knowledge. That’s the head-scratcher.

Adjusting the lens of value

To progress as a nation, we need to be bolder in grasping the opportunities that are right in front of us. Instead of material or financial capital, we should be valuing science, research and innovation… intellectual capital…KnowHow.

There’s that segue.

The megaphone and the magnifying glass

We’re here to offer practical advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs, share war stories from those who have come before them, and champion those on the cusp of greatness. But we must also analyse the disruptive forces at play – new tech, societal shifts, market conditions, and even our own brains.

The result? Your comprehensive guide to social, economic and technological evolution.

From the minds of Skalata Ventures

The minds behind KnowHow are Skalata Ventures, Australia’s leading seed-stage venture capital firm. On a mission to transform Australia into a knowledge economy, Skalata provides early-stage companies with the capital, education and networks to succeed.

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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