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Cutting her teeth in Australia’s top financial houses, investment banking and law is Justine’s forté. Originally from Sydney, she often stares out the window on a dreary Melbourne afternoon imagining sunny Bondi. Justine is a champion of female-led businesses and helping female founders access the right advice and growth funding to succeed.
Maxine’s mantra is seeing seed-stage companies achieve their potential. During her time at UniMelb’s MAP (Melbourne Accelerator Program), Maxine helped build a world-class accelerator and managed a portfolio of over 54 companies. There’s no surprise why she was featured in Forbes’s 30 Under 30. Just as impressive, she makes a mean rendang curry.
Sam crossed the ditch in 2018 and immediately immersed himself within Melbourne’s thriving startup scene after a decade of helping grow ASX-listed companies. With experience across the marketing spectrum, he loves clever automation and hails the founder of Zapier as gods among men. He loathes LinkedIn marketing gurus who sell courses to sell courses.
Tom is on a mission to help Australia's latest entrepreneurs tell their stories. Born and bred in the U.K, he moved to Australia in 2009 where he kickstarted his marketing career in TV before developing a keen interest in content, societal shifts and emerging technologies. He loves good food, good bars, bad jokes and a good Duolingo streak.
Tom is a corporate lawyer, venture capitalist, and company advisor. He has helped advise companies and investment funds on over $50 billion worth of M&A and capital raising transactions. Outside of the startup world, Tom is a Richmond Football Club tragic, trail runner, political junkie and connoisseur of pubs in Melbourne’s inner north.
Wahid cemented himself as a leader in go-to-market strategy at Paddle, the UK’s latest unicorn. He lives and breathes customer-centric products and will happily chew your ear off about the economics of startups. As a child, Wahid was captivated by the world of venture capital by none other than Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman. Yeah, we don’t get it either.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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